Gubler Park-Xmas Cross


The Course is at 2524 Rachel Drive, next to Lava Ridge Intermediate School at a park that is brand new and does not show on google maps. To reach the venue from 1-15, exit on Bluff Street and travel north to Snow Canyon Park Way. Turn left and travel west to Pioneer Parkway. Turn left ( you will see an elementary school) and travel west to Rachel Drive. Turn right and venue is on your left.

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Xmas Cross is the last race of the season. We will play Xmas music and have treats related to the holiday. Where a costume if you like!

The schedule will be slighter longer to allow for the series awards after each race. There will be a family pot luck starting at noon. We encourage all to stay and celebrate the season ( remember to hide your adult beverages).


Course Map-SCgubler-XMAS

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