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Question: Tires and Sealant


If you have a mountain bike run the tires you are used to , and regardless of the bike run sealant ( slime) or tubless tires with extra sealant ( stans). A shop will be on site with slime and prefilled tubes for repairs.  If you are planning ahead any of our sponsor shops can hook you up so you won’t get flats. 


Question : Clipless or flat pedals and dismounting


Answer:   ( from Adam Lisonbee)

I’d keep the clipless pedals. The dismount isn’t too crazy: swing your right leg over the bike, while staying clipped in with your left leg. Hands stay in the normal riding position, use your rear brake to scrub speed as needed. Once you are balanced, pop the left leg out and hit the ground running. Try a few slow motion dismounts to get the feel of it. I’m sure you’ve probably done cx-style dismounts before, you just didn’t realize that’s what you were doing.

When you go over the barrier, keep your left hand on the handlebars, and moce your right hand to the top tube. Lift the bike, jump the barriers, and remount.

The remount is as isn’t a jump, more like a slide. Find the saddle with your thigh, and slide onto it. If you jump too high, you’ll just plop down and that hurts. If you don’t get high enough , well that hurts too. 

It all sounds more complex than it really is.

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